I collected comics as a kid in the early 90's like everyone else.

X-Men, Superman, G.I. Joe and West Coast Avengers were my favourites. I would get up early on Saturday mornings with my Grandmother and hit the garage sales, she was a fantastic negotiator. 

As I got older I didn’t keep up with collecting but I did keep watching the cartoons and movies.  In 2020 when the pandemic hit I came across an ad for a short box. It had some X-men comics from my youth.  I thought it would be great to get back into a hobby while we were at home.

I was able to find a box of some of my old comics as well and I started cataloging.  As I delved more into the community I began to learn how it worked.  You would buy books, keep the ones you want for your personal collection and sell the ones you don’t to fund the ones you want. I started a pull list at my local shop.

I went back and began reading X-men and Ghost Rider and my wife started with The Boys and Preacher. We started a shop on Ebay to supplement my personal collection and help others with theirs.

Then the fees started to pile up.  As I followed more youtubers and read more about the hobby. It seemed collectors were selling on Facebook and Instagram more and more.  While the fees were essentially nonexistent or low on those platforms, there seemed to be a higher danger of scammers, and it was not a smooth process to finding specific books for a run or a collection. 

We thought there would be a better way for those who don’t have the time to build their own site or a site where the fees are minimal.  You know how much it will cost each month no matter how many auctions you run or books you sell. You keep as much as you can to fund that personal collection or buy your next grail. 

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YouSellComics.com was
founded by Matt and Kate Lewis in 2020.